Intermodal Transport Routing Information System

IMOTRIS stands for the development of an automated Intermodal Transport Routing Information System. By using IMOTRIS, optimal routes for goods’ transportation shall be calculated automatically with regards to capacity, availability, speed, charges and ecological aspects.

IMOTRIS offers clients who are seeking for logistic services an online platform which provides real time information about various logistic services and services for handling goods (contractor) by using standardized interfaces and processes (web services). After all innovative processes and algorithms are used to compile optimal transport routes.
Ultimately, a significant optimization is expected in the following areas:

Improved inclusion of, especially, small and medium-sized haulage companies and service companies

Increase of the utilized capacity of vehicles through additional-booking of shipping volume

Optimization of fuel and personnel costs

Bundling of shipping volumes on alternative transportation routes (inland waterways, railways)

Optimized usage of resources and, thus, increase of transshipment efficiency in seaport terminals due to a mathematically optimized discharge of orders

Subsequent use of the developed and standardized services through other ports and logistics partner

Synchronization and pairing of port hinterland-traffics

The dissemination of such an innovative, easily used, fast (just in time) and safe logistic services leads to an increased establishment of international transport routes through Baltic harbours, including cooperating logistics and value-added service providers. Even within the framework of the development of the system, various transport services, companies of transshipment, operators of track systems and haulage companies are involved in the process to guarantee a practicable implementation.